Sunday, 21 August 2011

The first step...

They say that the first step is to admit that you have a problem... And I think I'm ready to take that step.

I'm ready to admit that *deep breath* maybe the cause of my once clear as crystal skin to break out is not due to my make up, make up brushes, the stuff I wash my makeup brushes with, my pillowcase fabric, the frequency with which I wash my pillowcases, my washing powder, any of my skincare, hormones or how much water I drink... No. I'm ready to admit the true reason. Stress.

See, all my life I had the skin of a freshly born mole rat (as my fave beauty blogger likes to put it) and then last year December, outta nowhere -- BAM! Breakout out city. On my face. Not fun. And for so long I tried every which way to solve my new arisen skin problems. In fact, I've become quite virtuous in the process (not a week goes when I don't change my sheets now or wash my makeup brushes... wait? You did these things regardless? ... Oh...). But alas, my spotties have not budged. I've even tried the well (over) advertised Proactiv... And well I haven't been using it long so jury's still out on it's affectiveness. But for now, my pimples linger.

The thing about accepting that maybe, just maybe it's been stress that's been wrecking havoc on your face is  that it means that you have to really reassess what you're doing and why you do the things you do. Not as easy as changing your cleanser. Or washing your face every night. It means real, annoying, maybe painful change. Darn.

Alright here goes...


Suzie Makes You Up said...

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Suzie makes you up

jo_an said...

nice blogging donna. i can totally relate. i think you have given me something to think about - just today i was over stressing and over thinking things and i have noticed my skin is starting to break out!. argh! so not cool. so thanks for the heads up. i tend to forgot that stress can do that. hope that things improve. and keep up the blogging. j

Living like Laree said...

eesh proactiv dried my skin out so bad! hope it works for you

lilidonna said...

Us girls are plagued with forever fluctuating skin eh?

In two words Shaye: it didn't. Just gave me 2 problems: dry skin as well as acne prone skin. Back on my super simple skin routine now again and just drowning my troubles with gallons of water. Wish me luck!

ps. Your skin always looks ravishing in pictures!