Sunday, 11 September 2011

... but it's just a game?

So lately my life and the lives of probably almost every person living in New Zealand right now has been taken over by a phenomenon called the Rugby World Cup. Oh the hype the hype! The flags on cars! The sudden influx of patriotic practices... We've almost become Americans!

But I hope I'm not coming off as having a negative reaction towards the RWC because to be honest, I'm loving it! The atmosphere in the city is electric! I love hearing a thousand different languages walking up Queen Street and especially the mingling of Kiwis themselves from all walks of life. It's about time us South siders got to meet someone from Orakei or Takapuna and realise that no matter how different we may seem to one another, we're all Kiwis to the outside world. No, no I'm loving this madness that is the RWC.

My only "thing" about all this, is this:

I hope people remember that at the end of the day that it's not really the rugby that matters the most. The score at the end of each game. The number of tries scored, then converted. But that it's us that matter. The people that are mixing and mingling and sharing (and showing off) our cultures to another. It's the "world in union" thing. It's the reinforcement of positive nationalism for a change. It's the immense amount of fun that can be had when we deviate from our work, play and sleep routine for a change. It's the admiration of other cultures and peoples before realising that, eff it, we're all the bloody same at the end of the day!

So to wrap this mess of a post I'd like to conclude (she says in her official tone) that rugby is in fact the vehicle that drives the most important thing about RWC: us. For once it's cool to just be a 'participant'! ;)


Lani Wendt Young said...

I love the way you expressed that. You put into words what Ive been feeling - Im not a rugby fan at all. But i love the 'world in union' feeling. Its so uplifting to be a part of it - even just as a spectator, or Twitter commentator or whatever. Great post

lilidonna said...

Yay I made sense to someone! :D Feel very blessed to be an Aucklander right now and am planning on making the most of the next 6 weeks. It'll be a time we'll never forget, I think!