Tuesday, 27 September 2011

(My attempt at) Makeup 101

Sooo a fellow blogger, I won't mention who (hey Joan! Hey! LOL), and I thought it might be fun to do a makeup post... You know, just about handy tips and the basics really. Cos face it, that's just about all I know anyway! Haha!

But firstly, let me just say. I love this stuff. Not because I detest the way I look, in fact I'm quite often chuffed with what mum,dad and God gave me, when I'm not abusing it with bad sleeping habits and a poor diet that is. But because to me it's fun as heck (get a hobby right?) and the easiest way to inject a bit self-love each day.

Secondly, nothing to me beats natural beauty. Makeup should be a slave to your God given assets. Not the other way around. Got beautiful eyes? Play them up! Blessed with clear skin? For goodness sakes, put down the full coverage foundation. Work with what ya got sista!

For today I thought that I'd just stick to foundations and then if anyone's still interested, I can branch out to other exciting and fun things like bronzer! And blush! And lipstick! Anyone else's heart rate accelerated? No? Just me? OK.

Now for those tips you've been looking for, causing you to quickly skim over the top bit:
(Note: it wasn't very interesting anyway).


- Not a must for all women. In fact if you've got quite clear skin (commonly free of pimples and the like) I would say skip the foundation for everyday use and just go for a tinted moisturiser! Much better for your skin and will add a healthy glow to what might not otherwise be glowy skin. Cos I mean, nothing says "I'm a healthy hottie" then glowy skin. Nuthin'.

- Your foundation shade should match your neck and chest. My face is almost always darker than my neck and  chest (probably due to my love of scarves and hate of low-cut tops/dresses) and my foundation usually does a good job of (almost) colour matching my whole body back up. Handy!

- The texture of your foundation is usually dependent of your skin's needs. Typically, if you have dry skin, keep a look out for foundations with a "dewy" finish, and if your skin is on the oilier side, perhaps choose one with a matte finish to balance it out. I only found this out  this year would ya believe?!  Crucial, crucial stuff.

- Mineral foundation. Love the stuff. Especially good for you oily skin types. Us dry skin girls can love mineral foundation too, we just need to make sure we moisturise like hell beforehand. And the best part? It's good for your skin! Not so cloggy and breaky outy like the liquid and cream (cake) types and it also tends to have the most natural finish. However, I find that it doesn't stay on as long as liquid or cream would so if you have a long day, you'll probably be looking at reapplications through out the day. Although a good primer will help. Though that might be a story for another day, yes?

So tell me...
Did any of this make sense?
Wanna see a post on other types of makeup?
Which foundations do you guys prefer/wear?
Were you yawning over how basic all this advice was while quietly sitting there in all your vast makeup related knowledge? ;)


jo_an said...

Answers to your Questions.
Did any of this make sense? : YES!. you did make perfect sense, so don't worry you were rather funny at times too. Just don't doubt yourself next time, and yes there should be a next time!.

Wanna see a post on other types of makeup?: YES!. would love a post about eye shadow!. lol I always choose the wrong shades/textures some end up smudging and other clump up or come off easy.. etc

Which foundations do you guys prefer/wear?: I wear liquid foundation, cause it the easiest to apply. Used to use tinted moisteriser when I was younger, and had better skin.

& No i was not yawning by the end of it.

Q: when is your next post?!. and will you be chucking in a review or two of any products you currently use and like/hate/love?

jo_an said...
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lilidonna said...

Yay! So glad (relieved) that I pulled my first ever makeup post off. Just felt funny cos I still feel like a beauty/makeup newbie.

Oh which brand foundation do you wear and what type of skin to do you have jo_an?

Eye makeup post, coming up just for you! :)

jo_an said...

I wear liquid foundation mostly -(maybelline superstay 24hr or a compact called revlon photo ready) and I generally have dry skin.

YAY!. at the eye makeup post!.

lilidonna said...

Yikes sorry for taking the delayed response... Haven't been online much (at my house, it's a sramble for a spare computer... Survival of the fittest and all that lol).
But very excited to hear that you have the Maybelline Superstay as I've been wanting to try that for some time... How do you find it? Love to know what you think as I have dry skin too! Hurrah!
I've been using The Body Shop foundations, various mineral foundations and Revlon Colorstay foundation for the most part this past year.

jo_an said...

hey lilidonna. apologies for not replying sooner. yes i use maybelline superstay - its good, goes on smooth and doesn't look shiny on my skin once applied. it seems to last the distance, but i'm not really one for having makeup on for longer than 8 hrs max so its pretty good for me. I try to keep my dry skin moist before applying cause it shows all the dry patches on my face. eww. not a good look.

what's your body shop foundation like? hehe.

sorry again about not replying. must have missed the email notification. hope you are well.

lilidonna said...

Oh no worries Joan! I haven't been the most diligent blogger of late either... Been kinda busy, which is cool as saying I'm busy makes me feel very important ;) But not cool for making your little blog space even the slightest bit interesting!

Totes agree with having to properly, properly moisturising before applying foundation. My skin is just so dehydrated that I've been known to even double-moisturise pre-foundation.
Just bought the Maybelline Superstay off Trademe so I'm excited to see how that one goes.

As for my Body Shop foundation: it was the original liquid foundation range (the hydrating one, they have an oil-free range and a hydrating range) and I really liked it for a while. I've actually repurchased it twice. The reasons I wouldn't do so again now is that it isn't really great at staying on for long. I'd say that it's already started to fade at about lunch time... Well this is for me at least. Also it's quite a light to medium coverage and due to my year of bad break outs, I can't afford anything less than a medium coverage anymore. Well until this mug starts looking better that is lol (I didn't mind it fading early thing before as I had quite good skin so it wasn't too noticeable. So I'd say that it's a good foundation with those with relatively good skin...)

Coconut Girl said...

I love this post, simply because I know next to nothing about makeup so I need all the help I can get. I'm a "lip gloss and run a brush through my hair and I'm ready to go" kind of girl. It doesn't work for parties and other formal occasions. And yes it made TOTAL SENSE. You'd think that in Samoa, a country full of brown skinned ppl, it would be easy to find darker toned makeup. Well sorrryyyy must be only balardy palagis buying foundation in this town lol. So yeah. This has given me an idea for a post. Thanks lol xo

lilidonna said...

@Coconut Girl: they don't even have a good range of foundation shades for brown skin? Seriously? That's absurd! Absurd I say! I gotta get my ass into gear and do a follow up on this post. Looking forward to that idea being turned into a post! xx