Monday, 12 September 2011

Makeup is my boyfriend

Once upon a time, I was a clothes girl. I was that sister whose wardrobe got raided whenever any of the siblings (excluding my brother of course) had party/date/night out; I simply could not go to the mall without making some kind of unnecessary clothing purchase and was constantly being asked by my mum "Is that new???", to which I'd answer "Uh... No! It's old, just haven't worn it in eons!" so I that I wouldn't get into trouble for wasting what little money I earned from my crusty retail job.

But oh how things have changed. I've since evolved into a *cringes*... ok I'll say it... sensible shopper. (Phew!). I'm one of those people that has one of every "type" of clothing, if any. Eg. one flowery spring dress, one dark multi-purpose cardi, one pair of everyday sensible shoes etc etc. And I just reuse and recycle my few pieces over and over. So I pretty much have the polar opposite approach to clothes than I had before.

Now you may be thinking, "Good on you for growing up and out of that obsessive stage"... And boy do I wish I deserved that. But alas I do not. They say that the only way to get over an addiction is to substitute it with another. And substitute, I did. 

I wish I could say that it was with running or yoga... but no. The new drain on my finances: make up. Now I hadn't realized how much I'd grown to enjoy trying, buying and applying makeup til my sister Laura pointed it out bluntly the other day. 

"You're a makeup fanatic"
"Well it may seem that way to you, but I mean, compared to the average girl, probably not..."
"Yeah nah... you're fanatic"

She's as blunt as our useless kitchen knives, that one. And while I still don't fully concede to being a so-called fanatic, I will admit that it's become the new "clothes".

And after reading Kuaback's hilarious post on makeup last night, I got to thinking about how my interest had evolved. I think it started at first with being pregnant for the first time and becoming the heaviest I've ever been (and I'm talking post-birth people!). Shopping became terrifying. And the sad thing is, I'm not even exaggerating here. I very regularly had to do the ol' duck-into-the-toilets-for-a-quick-cry thing after sad attempts to try on clothes that I would've bought without thinking a year or so before. Not pretty. And I hate being the pathetic girl. So makeup became my fun thing. My self expression thing, as I'd never been particularly creative with things like art, writing or music. Makeup is the new clothes to me and for now, it's working. Of course I want and need to get back to a healthier (and let's face it, more attractive) size. But for now, I'm loving that although I may resemble Jabba the Hut, I still have something girly left. I still have something to be excited about when I go to the mall. 

Haha you could say that I've replaced a crutch for another. But I don't care. Females are the 'peacock-ing' gender of the human race (my justification). And sometimes a girl just needs a little slap on her mug :)


Laura said...

Hey I found you! :P

And what a post to stumble across. I stand by what I say - multi-beauty-You-tube-subscriber/beauty-blog-fanatic


Bina said...

Your kitchen knives...ain't nuttin' blunter than that. LOL!

lilidonna said...


ps. Shush Lawlaw!

jo_an said...

hey lilidonna. just passin by, checking out whats new over your side. really enjoyed reading your post! i think i could've used a sibling like you - who i could go and raid for clothes. perhaps you could post up a few pointers for novice make up girls like me who have no clue?. i could use all the help i can get to be honest. lol.

*had to click into your link to kuabacks & check it out too. it was hiliarious !

lilidonna said...

Haha well the well-ragged Donna of yore is well and truly gone but in her place is a girl that does know a wee bit more about foundation and the like!
Ooh a makeup post! I'd feel a bit like I'm putting on a beauty editor act but I OMG... It'll be fun! :D Stay tuned!

(Sorry about the shocking amount of exclamation marks in this comment! -- ooh there goes another!)

jo_an said...

lol. don't worry i always put way too many exclamation marks on my posts and comments!!!!. hehe. yes would love a makeup post/tips!. keep us posted.