Sunday, 4 September 2011

Project Naked Face

... catchy name for a project right? Thanks. I thought it up myself.

So yes, out of control would be an understatement for my skin right now. I think I'm developing 3 new zits a day. So my face is a site of brown pigmentation spots (deceased pimples), scabby spots (dying pimples - RIP BITCHES!) and massive red, sore looking freshmen.

And I've already pledged to not stress over them. But I also feel this doesn't mean I can pretend they're not there. Henceforth, what I've decided to do is just lay off the slap for now. I'll aim for a week first. Don't want to unrealistic after all.
And I know this won't really clear my face up entirely, but it's occurred to me that if I don't take care, I may end up with scarring... And that's not a good thought.

... Good thing I'm succeeding in "not" stressing over it right? :S


kuaback said...

I admire you taking really good care of your beautiful face. wish I had energy to do that..lazybum much?

happy weekending xox

lilidonna said...

I think the word to use would be vain? lol. I'd bet you don't need to go to much effort, it's always the hotties that remain nonchalant. The rest of us need to put in the work! ;)

jo_an said...

I know what you mean!. I'm in that percentage that needs to take care of their face - otherwise - things can get really bad really quick!. It sucks!. I wish I had more genes from my mothers side. But alas, I got most of my skin sensitivities from my dad's side. Keep up 'project naked face'. I try and do it as often as I can. My skin is just as bad. So at least know that you've got someone who feels your pain. :)

lilidonna said...

Hey jo_an :) Yeah so skin's getting a tad better this week but I think hormones are also at play so it's not completely lush (yet). HAVE to wear makeup this Saturday night however so I'll just wear the not-so-potent stuff and resume Project Naked Face immediately afterwards!

ps. What are you talking about??? Your skin looks amazing in your profile pic!

jo_an said...

ha!. as they say - looks can be deceiving!. close up - is a completely different story. but thanks for the compliment. its was just my luck that on my graduation day my face was in good shape!.

Living like Laree said...

i feel your pain, my t-zone is horrendous without makeup, although i my face sluts around nude all the time in the safety of my home, i try make the most of it

lilidonna said...

Update: my skin's improved a bit. Not so many breakouts but still getting a brand new batch of pimples to replace the dying ones... Pretty convinced now that it's a hormone issue. Sorting it out next week. My quest for clear skin is an ongoing process lol