Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Reality TV

There's a docu-series that's a tad outdated now which usually reruns on the Living Channel or what was known as the Documentary Channel (I forget what it's called now) and it's called Child of our Time. And well, I absolutely adore this show/doco/series.
The show basically follows the lives of 25 children born in the year 2000 and their families while they live out the trials and tribulations of a modern 21st Century society. 

And I mean, it's not particularly grand or bloody amazing... at all really. I like it simply because it features real people with real lives. Plain and simple.

Let me explain the importance of this.

Everyday we're bombarded with images of perfection. Unobtainable perfection. Sitcoms, commercials, soap opras, "reality" tv... And we all admittedly give in a little sometimes. From time to time we'd acknowledge how image obsessed our Western world is and in our heads we consciously know that it's all impractical and just not in tune with reality.... but let's get real. Our subconscious has already subscribed (and is currently receiving the weekly emails) to the unexplainable need to either be or seem perfect. (Or is it just me...?)

So when I turned the telly on yesterday to find that a random episode of Child of our Time was on, I settled into a comfortable position in the couch and found that I was once again refreshed and relieved to see a real household (balding daddy, mummy jeans and all) with real household problems, and laughing at myself for being so surprised that people out there other than myself had problems.
But I guess that's what the point of advertising is right? To lose perspective. To become single minded about consuming. Because if we really did stop to gain perspective on things, we'd be like, eff it there are worse things in life. I can deal with this. Consuming something won't and never has helped anyway.

So where was I? Yes that's right. I love Child of our Time because it's me on TV. It's most of the people I know. Because God knows none of us are those Maybelline ads.


jo_an said...

I know what you mean - sometimes I have to remind myself not to get caught up in someone elses idea of what 'perfect' is.

This world that we live in is really shallow when you think about it. I try to not allow that shallowness to overwhelm me and make me another 'product' of our times.

I think I remember seeing a doco similar to the one you spoke of. I've only seen bits and pieces of it, but its really interesting and way more fascinating in my view.

great post!.

lilidonna said...

Yeah it can get quite difficult though, can't it? Staying above it all. I know I find it challenging. I think I buy into a lot of distracting traps that the big boys have laid out in order to stop us from caring about the really important things like the disparities in society, our raping of the environment or the ultimate proverbial elephant in the room: over-population. Because it's easy. I mean, the poverty cycle is depressing... while overspending on a pair of shoes is fun! You know? Wow this has turned into a mega rant lol My apologies :S Yikes! Calm down old chap!

jo_an said...

i can see where you are coming from. apologies about delayed response.

for instance: i try to do the best i can to be the best environmental citizen i can be.. but when others don't give a damn it can be disheartening at times. i think to myself 'why do i bother'. than i say to myself 'at least i'm doing it and that's all that matters to me'.

we can only be the change we wish to see in the world, no more no less. well that's my thoughts anyway.