Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I used to love a good, juicy controversial issue. The points raised on both sides prompting you to think and reassess what you know about the issue. The debate.

Nowadays a just hate it. It just seems to bring out the ugliest in people. And what with social media, the most ill-informed ignoramuses have a platform and a means to connect with other such douchebags.

Its makes sigh with exasperation. I can't deal with it. I either need to switch off the computer or scurry off to a safe corner of the internet like my favourite beauty website or blogger (of course) and this isn't good! I'm not challenging myself to look at the issue at hand in a subjective (well, as subjective as I can get) way, I'm not researching matters that wouldn't have occurred to me otherwise. In short, I'm stunting myself.

So I guess need to come up with a way to tune out the losers in order to hear the intelligent discussion. Tips from you guys would be helpful :)

Anyone feel me on this? Or am I the one being intolerant...?


Living like Laree said...

hmmm i agree that sometimes it brings out the ugliness, i guess it depends on the topic. i myself love a good debate, as long as it doesnt get personal, i suppose thats for you to decide when you enter into one. Just make sure that if it starts to get ugly you brush it off the shoulder.

jo_an said...

the internet has opened up a great big window of opportunity for both the good, the bad and most definitely the ugly.

i know what you mean lilidonna. your not the only one who feels that way. i just choose to look away. it might seem like the easy way out but i can't be bothered with others negative thoughts/ideas/posts/forums etc..

lilidonna said...

@Shaye: debating rocks right? I've always like words like 'discussion' and 'exchange of ideas'. How could it ever be a bad idea for us to learn something more? Just hate it when debates get really legalistic and people start picking at insignificant little holes in the other person's arguments, forgetting about the greater issue at hand. And when people are totally unwilling to see another side to the debate, and are only at the party to show that everyone else is wrong.

@jo_an: I don't think I'll ever be able to fully ignore all the discussion of hot topics in mainstream media... Just need to develop a good filter for the idiots and bigots. And no, there are no nicer ways to describe such people... (Ooh I can be nasty! lol)