Friday, 16 September 2011

Why I can never be a sportwoman

I would be a horrible sportperson. Just horrible. Reason being is that I simply CAN NOT bear to see people lose in a game (and perhaps in life as well... Damned softy) and definitely could not be the cause of that loss.

When I watch a sports game, I often decide early on, if not before, who it is that I'm backing. However I find that as the game goes on I slowly and subconsciously find myself pledging allegiance to whoever the underdog is. And it happens every time! Every time I tell you.

So why don't you purposefully go for the underdog before the game starts, you ask? Well because I'm a complete sporting nincompoop and know absolutely nothing about sport. (Hah! Bet you didn't see that coming! "But she's brown..." ... Yeah it's pretty disgraceful...).

So there it is, the reason I can never be a sportswoman.

Oh yeah, and because I have no sporting talent. (Thought I was forgetting something).


Living like Laree said...

I just cant watch sport, it either bores me, or i get too frustrated. I love to play sport though

lilidonna said...

Totally get the frustration part. Hate the helplessness that comes with getting so invested in something you have NO control over!
Admittedly, I do love the camaraderie from being amongst fellow supporters of a team or a nation. Oh the fun! The pride! :)

ps. Can't say I enjoy playing sport though. At all. Lazy bastard lol