Sunday, 20 November 2011


"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

 - Albert Einstein

If this is truly so, then I am absolutely certifiably insane. 

Do you find that sometimes, we as girls have a horrible thing about not being able to let things go? And I don't just mean tiny annoyances like people constantly forgetting to put the milk back into the fridge. I'm talking about those big things that we pursue although we know that it's it's not quite right. At least for the time being. Or anymore. 

Because we feel like everything else is already in place and we just need the one thing to just work out. And life without that thing is almost unfathomable. Unbearable. 

And so when you know without a doubt in your heart that that thing isn't right, we push that feeling down. Because it's the truth. And the conviction it'll give you to move on from that thing will only lead to that scary unfathomable, unbearable place. 

And then there's that stupid girl thing where we just have to be right. We have to try and prove that there was a reason we were doing all that stuff in the first place. A reason for the investment over months, years. We try and rationalise, construct reason around the situation. Give it the one last chance it didn't deserve. 

Why are we so insane? Why am I so insane?

Alanis, you told me that you live, you learn. I hope I'm learning


Bina said...

Stubborn mule. The sooner you let go it, the sooner you can really really really move on. Move down here :)

Reenie said...

I have a cousin I'm trying to make realize the same thing. This guy doesn't love her. I think, how can she not see it? But he calls her, and asks if they can try just being friends. She knows he is playing games with her, but he says "let's just see where it goes" for the umpteenth time. I tell her NO tell him NO! She doesn't listen. She keeps the communication lines open. He is messin' with another girl and she still txts him. She tells me it's HIM not leaving her alone, but I see HER as the one not letting him go. I don't know why ,but she is trying to hold on to this horrible guy. She knows he's horrible, and that he doesn't love her, but she keeps letting him back into her life. I really don't think there is anything I can say to her. I hope she starts learning from her mistakes soon. Or else this guy is going to drag her down deeper into this hopeless, uncommitted, going nowhere relationship. =(

jo_an said...

Nice blog post lilidonna!.

I totally get what your saying. It's hard to try and step out into the unknown. I am a firm believer in walking a fine line between sane and insane. Sometimes its just that blur that makes it hard to tell the difference.

Keep up the blogging!. j