Thursday, 3 November 2011

Things that are probably true...

... but are still hard to convince yourself are true:

1. Everything that's happened in your life has made you the person that you are. Wanting to go back in time is pointless. You can change from today.
2. Mistakes are a good thing.
3. Rock bottom makes for a good foundation.

... Sensing a pattern here? Indeed I'm stuck in one of those delightful things... What are they called? Oh yes, a rut. Seems 2011 has been one, big, fat rut. Bet you're glad to have stumbled across this blog today huh?

OK enough being an emo.

Things to cure stuck-in-a-rut-ness (if only for a while):

1. Keep busy.
2. Make lists/plans.
3. Eat better and get fresh air.
4. Create clean and organised surroundings.
5. Play with your kid.
6. Wear lipstick.

Any other suggestions?


Pusi nofo said...

#7 - Chicken and Chips LOL... I'm tired...tired of being tired. Baby is moe pepelo during the day, I stay up way too late...and now all I can think of for a cure is chicken and chips lol. I'm disgusted at myself *sigh*

jo_an said...

^ yumm! nice add on pusi nofo. hope your stuck in a rut-ness subsides or at least gets better this week. take care. j

Bina said...

Good list! I have one to add:

8. Move forward. They may be lovely at Pap, and it may be Peanut's family, but that's your past. It may seem better than Huber at times, but it's really a part of the rut that you want to leave. Unless I've missed the memo of a relationship status update...?

Reenie said...

Hakuna Matata! (I've been watching Lion King nonstop) But actually Lion King has such good life lessons in it. Seriously. lol

No, but I love lists and they really do help. And a little make up and a curling iron does wonders for the mommy blues.

Don't worry 2011 is almost over. Things will turn around for you for sure!

@ i T @ h said...

A tall glass of White wine.. Moscato. Okay maybe I shouldn't be suggesting alcohol. It does help to ease the tired muscles and unwind the wound up mind.

1. glitter eyeliner
2. lip gloss
3. I did this... chopped my hair/got a new fab style and color. aaaahhh and a pedicure. Wish there was a lifecure...

feel better!!! :)

lilidonna said...

First time I checked back at the blog and was amazed to find that you all commented... flattered :) Thanks guys. Didn't think I was ever the type to get emotional on a blog, but there it is above, evidence to the contrary (does that even make sense? Oh you know what I mean).

@pusi nofo: *drooool*... Nuff said ;)

@jo_an: I feel like things are looking up! It's amazing how sheer optimism (even situations remain exactly the same) can change everything!

@Bina: seriously woman, where did you get your intuition and how did I not inherit any? Yup, there has been a relationship status change. But surprisingly enough, the above post wasn't prompted by that. It's like Baz Luhrmann said, I was blindsided by the real troubles of my life at 4pm on an idle Tuesday. Think I'm getting my quarter life crisis early. Think I'm just in disbelief at how much time I've wasted and keen to get things going. All that jazz. You live, you learn.

@Reenie: right?! Just rewatched The Lion King the other week and was amazed at how saturated with lessons it was. Like an animated proverb!

@aitah: definitely agree with the power of a drastic haircut. Had one earlier this year :) A pedi, I shall give myself one tonight (I'm very DIY with my nails lol) and lip gloss, why I shall pop some on right this second! Why not?! :D
ps. The wine sounds good, but as I've had a drink this weekend, I shall have to delay that for a bit... Or not lol

Thanks again for the kind and helpful words guys, much appreciated!