Friday, 11 November 2011

This is how much we love The Voice

Laws - little sister
Jabs - little brother

While watching X-Factor on a lazy Thursday night...

Jabs: "This guy reminds me of that gay dude from The Voice"

Me: "Oh sorry, I only remember the bald chicks. Who won anyway?"

Jabs: "That guy who sounds like a black Adam Lambert"

Laws: "Oh the one with the daughter?" 

So knowledgeable we are all things, The Voice. Yup. 

The black Adam Lambert. His last name is pronounced cologne though it looks like Colon by the way. You're welcome. 


Reenie said...

"That one guys", "the bald chicks", "gay dude" And I for one cannot remember any of their names. Except for the guy in the pic. He pronounced his last name "Coe-lone". Come on we all know it's in your intestines. And take off those ridiculous 1990's hats. haha.

okay that's all.

Bina said...

LOLAGE! I can't even remember anyone, so you guys are ahead there.

lilidonna said...

The Voice is definitely no X-Factor!, that's for sure!

@Reenie: Everytime I see his name, I think of colonics... that sick or what?

@Bina: Yeah... that Colon guy's no Chris Rene!


Laura said...

I always forget that show existed. I was thinking... how did that black guy win when it's still going?? But that's X-Factor...