Monday, 12 December 2011

This week I vow to...

1. Buy a present for my Secret Santa person (my family does this every year, there's too many of us for individual presents!).
2. Clean out my grossly cluttered room.
3. Do some form of exercise.
4. Clear the eczema from my hands.
5. Not act like an ass when I meet Lani Wendt Young.
6. Do a face mask.
7. Take Peanut out as least once a day (even if just to the dairy)

Seven's quite a funny number isn't it? Oh well, better an awkward number than 3 more things that I have absolutely no intention of doing!

Well, chop chop Donna!

Have a good week folks :)


Laura said...

Let's vow to do 5 together :)

Bina said...

Don't worry about 3. Lol! It's crunch time...say it with me now - Sabotage! Sabotage!

Enjoy 5, you lucky bums.