Friday, 27 January 2012

Experiences Not Things

Growing up, not much of an emphasis was placed on the value of an experience. Well not from my perspective anyway. There could've a lot of importance placed on it and I may have been totally oblivious. However at the end of the day, I just didn't get that having a go at things and making an effort to explore were that vital to life.

Instead I always figured that investments (of time, money, energy) were to be placed in things. Not that I'm saying that I had a superficial upbringing. Far from it! And my siblings will back me up on this, right guys? In fact we were a family that gifted each other with time and attention more than any materialistic objects, and we still do. What I guess I'm trying to say is, we were slightly on the hermit-y side. We didn't get out much and we didn't mind. Well I didn't. At home I had my best friends, books, stimulating discussions/debates/arguments. Out in the world I only found social awkwardness, disappointment when I found I could not for the life of me find any natural talent in any game that has ever been invented in the history of mankind and just general discomfort.
Actually the only things I could ever find wanting at home were more books, perhaps a bike, pretty hairbands and  new music. Things.

Henceforth I must've come to the subconcious conclusion that experiences were perhaps an overrated concept. That wisdom and growth and pleasure didn't always come from attempting to experience new, exciting and challenging things. That these things could be read, talked and thought about anyway. And doing this would be so much more efficient anyway and save a lot of disppointment in the long run.

Disturbed by my "child self" yet?

However adulthood has changed my mind. Obviously. Though I still find it a challenge to continuously "come out of my shell" (not too fond of that phrase, reminds me of something an older lady on Coro Street would say), it's something I want to get better at this year. I always feel like living in Auckland, there are always people I know or know of, coming and going and doing things, so many things, wonderful things. I certainly don't plan on being an observer my whole life.

... Hmmmm just reread this post and I'm beginning to just sound sad really lol So let's end this on a positive note! (If there's one thing I like, it's a positive note!). I'm not going to claim to do this for the entire year of 2012, this wouldn't be very realistic. I'll just say that for the next month, I shall try to recognise any opportunities that come up to "put myself out there" (another phrase I'm not particularly keen on but what the hell it gets the message across) and perhaps even try to create the opportunities themselves.

My new mantra:

Experiences not things.

Monday, 23 January 2012

The Vicious Cycle

Don't you hate it when you've neglected your blog and before you know it, it's gotten to the point when you know that your "come back" post has to be a good one. And as time goes by, the level of awesomeness that your blog has to be gets higher and higher and oh boy you find yourself suffocating from the all self-inflicted pressure!

So here I am, biting the bullet and posting an average, about-nothing first post back. Getting it over and done with. And taking the edge off the next one. Which will be splendid, you just wait! Oh what? I'm doing it? Building up something that I'll probably not be able to deliver? Shucks, gotta stop it.

Happy Monday guys! xx

Monday, 9 January 2012


Just a random thought...

I find that I often do what I think I should want to do rather than what I actually want to do... For example, yesterday at a family lunch, for dessert there was fruit salad as well as cake, trifle and the other usual suspects. I had a quick taste of the fruit salad and boy was it good and oh so fresh! But when it came time to sit down and fill my bowl, I found myself reaching for the ambrosia and cake. Which don't get me wrong were both delicious, but I know that what my body truly wanted was fresh fruit and my taste buds sure wouldn't have minded.

And I do this a lot. Whether it be choosing V over a bottle of water at the dairy when I'd popped in because I was thirsty or staying up late when my body's had it for the day. Why don't I just listen to myself? Silly silly billy.


To begin to truly listen to oneself. Even with small things. They are what big things are made of after all!

Hoping you're all having easy-ish Monday!


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

Wow. To say that things around here have been quiet would be a bit of an understatement guv'nor! (Those of you that are Easy A fans would get that reference - Hey Lawlaw hey!) But I'm back now, and I'd like to think with a vengeance!

And what better first post for the year of 2012 than a resolutions one? One with more originality and imagination you say? Well I hate to embarass you but that was a rhetorical question. Yeah... Awkward...

But enough with the chit chat. Let's get this road on the show! (Yes, I know that was the wrong way around. Did you laugh? I hope someone laughed.)

1. The obvious one: to be more healthy ie- eating better, more regularly and actually (wait for it!) exercising. Like on purpose. Like the type that people do in trackies and running shoes. Oh I'm gonna be so flash!

2. The other obvious one: to save. I won't say how much but I have a number in mind, mysterious little fox that I am. A little less thoughtless money spending and little more conscious planning and budgeting. Sounds easy right? ... Yeah...

3. The parenting one: to teach Nutty blanket and room time, even though she's already become a tantrum-throwing, whining, restless toddler. Wish me luck!

4. The beauty one: to buy better quality but fewer things (especially nail polish!). I may need luck with this one also.

Well that about does it! The first 2 are a quite... substantial, so I figure I should probably leave it at 4.

What are your New Year's resolutions peeps? I love hearing what people will vow to do at a time when optimism is high everything feels new and possible.

All the best for those going back to work tomorrow! xx