Monday, 9 January 2012


Just a random thought...

I find that I often do what I think I should want to do rather than what I actually want to do... For example, yesterday at a family lunch, for dessert there was fruit salad as well as cake, trifle and the other usual suspects. I had a quick taste of the fruit salad and boy was it good and oh so fresh! But when it came time to sit down and fill my bowl, I found myself reaching for the ambrosia and cake. Which don't get me wrong were both delicious, but I know that what my body truly wanted was fresh fruit and my taste buds sure wouldn't have minded.

And I do this a lot. Whether it be choosing V over a bottle of water at the dairy when I'd popped in because I was thirsty or staying up late when my body's had it for the day. Why don't I just listen to myself? Silly silly billy.


To begin to truly listen to oneself. Even with small things. They are what big things are made of after all!

Hoping you're all having easy-ish Monday!



jo_an said...

I totally agree with you! it's sometimes those very small things that make all the difference. i try to listen to my inner voice as much as i can. but i will admit i probably would have done the exact same thing as you and had the cake.

hope your having a good week!

lilidonna said...

Hey Joan, sorry for the ridiculously late reply. Well I've been doing better with listening to my inner voice as you so aptly put it but I could definitely do better! The easy so called appealing option. Not always the best option.

Hope you're having a great week too! xx

jo_an said...

:) no worries. thanks for the reply. hope you are having a good start to the weekend. :)