Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

Wow. To say that things around here have been quiet would be a bit of an understatement guv'nor! (Those of you that are Easy A fans would get that reference - Hey Lawlaw hey!) But I'm back now, and I'd like to think with a vengeance!

And what better first post for the year of 2012 than a resolutions one? One with more originality and imagination you say? Well I hate to embarass you but that was a rhetorical question. Yeah... Awkward...

But enough with the chit chat. Let's get this road on the show! (Yes, I know that was the wrong way around. Did you laugh? I hope someone laughed.)

1. The obvious one: to be more healthy ie- eating better, more regularly and actually (wait for it!) exercising. Like on purpose. Like the type that people do in trackies and running shoes. Oh I'm gonna be so flash!

2. The other obvious one: to save. I won't say how much but I have a number in mind, mysterious little fox that I am. A little less thoughtless money spending and little more conscious planning and budgeting. Sounds easy right? ... Yeah...

3. The parenting one: to teach Nutty blanket and room time, even though she's already become a tantrum-throwing, whining, restless toddler. Wish me luck!

4. The beauty one: to buy better quality but fewer things (especially nail polish!). I may need luck with this one also.

Well that about does it! The first 2 are a quite... substantial, so I figure I should probably leave it at 4.

What are your New Year's resolutions peeps? I love hearing what people will vow to do at a time when optimism is high everything feels new and possible.

All the best for those going back to work tomorrow! xx


ulalei said...

Have a wonderful new year Ms lil donna :):) I wish you all the best with your new year's goals!! I have the same and know how HARD they are!...but we can do it! YES WE CAN! :)

lilidonna said...

Thanks ulalei! Let me know a year from now how you go and all best to you too :)


Pusi nofo said...

Big TICK to your NY resolution list!!