Monday, 27 February 2012


Woke up feeling a bit bleh this morning... Didn't get much done in the weekend and very aware of what needs to get done this week.

Then outta nowhere I realised how extremely freakin' lucky I am. And the optimism came back.

Not sure about you guys, but somehow optimism is one of those things that I need as much I need water during the day. Without it I'm a bit anxious/moody/of a nightmare. Not to say that I don't have those "let's just get through this" type days, but on the most part, a bit of optimism injected into everyday is a bit of a must for me.

Wishing of lots optimism and excitement today!

Aaaand an AMAZE tune to ease you all into the week:

[this is my weekday alarm tone so it seemed appropriate ;)]

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