Monday, 26 March 2012

Fobby Music

Yeah... pretty self explanatory title. As much as I love me some Beatles (classics), Mark Ronson (something I'd probably be able to dance more effectively to) and Lady Gaga (all time faves), lately I've been all about what I like to (affectionately) refer to as Fobby Music. You know, a little bit of raggae, a little bit hip hop, a little bit of dance hall.

I'm gonna put it all down to:
a) my cousin Ruta is who reigning Queen of Fobby Music.
b) the summer that was.
c) getting fobbier with age.

Here some of my favourites:

Roll With Me (remix) - J King & Antonious [my ringtone actually ;)]

Oh My Goodness - Spawnbreezie

Drinking Rum and Redbull - Beenie Man ft. Fambo

I Love My Life - Demarco

Enjoy and happy Monday :)

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