Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Kind of Parent I Want To Be

I want to be the kind of parent that:

- dances with my kids
- instead of yelling, speaks firmly
- teaches my daughter how to respect herself and others
- teaches my daughter the importance of her femininity and taking care of her herself
- practices what she preaches regarding the importance of taking care of oneself
- can joke with my kids
- teaches my kids the boring but necessary things like budgeting
- makes time

To the parents out there, what are some things you hope to God you're getting right? And anyone who hopes to have kids one day... Do you think about the kind of parent you see yourself as being one day?


Bina said...

Nice list! If you succeed in doing this, tell me how ;)

My ultimate goal as a parent is to model for my kids how to get to know God personally and intimately. Not in a fluffy or cliche way. But to know Him like how I know Pati and how I know Lali. The rest of the list really stems from this.

lilidonna said...

That's an even better ultimate goal xx

kuaback said...

Thank you for posting this lilidonna. Been thinking about this lately. Been yelling at my babies lately, stress from work=take it out on kids = lame mother (ME) I'm gonna better and making a list is a good way to start. I'm gonna adopt yours and add on to it ;)

lilidonna said...

:) happy to have helped. After writing this I thought it could be something I could turn into a blog series type of thing, adding things onto the list as I think of them or learn how to be a better parent/person...
Sounds to me like you're doing a pretty amazing job. And I think that parents that aspire to be better parents are already better for wanting it. IMO ;)