Thursday, 29 March 2012

My Theory on Cyberstalking (not the serious kind)

You ready? It ain't that groundbreaking or clever. Just something I've been thinking about, aided by a significant amount of Matchbox Twenty (yeah, the earlier, depressing stuff) and the loneliness of a quiet, sleeping house.

Most us would have been guilty at some point or another of cyberstalking. Often times it's on facebook. Sometimes it's Twitter. Blogger, Youtube, Tumblr... there are a million avenues. And I can assume that on the most part, we're left feeling a little less... fulfilled... would 'fulfilled' be word? I'll go with it.

So why do we do it?

I think...

I think we do it because the pieces of people's lives that they choose to broadcast are always picture perfect and very carefully selected. And when we see it, we take the face value for more than it's worth and we envy and we justify all the excuses we make for why we aren't doing the things we're meant to be doing, claiming that it's because our lives aren't as good or as easy.

I think that afterwards, we then bandage the situation with the simple conclusion that if we only acquired what the other people had and if we only had looked the way the other people looked then maybe we'd have it as good. Instead of really facing up to what it is that we need and more importantly, what we need to be doing about getting that.

Or is it just me?

Or is it just bed time?

Or do I just need to turned off the damned Matchbox Twenty? lol

Love Donna xx


Goddess said...

I love this post sugar, yes, I think it's just human nature to want and be intrigued with others lives, and cyberspace provides that easily. I see it as, eh,...of course were all posting the glamorous stuff, but behind that update someone is unshowered and still in their Jamie's waiting for the next payday, lol... ".Love the skin you're in"
Manuia le weekend

lilidonna said...

Loving the skin you're in, whatever the state it may in at the time... Definitely the perfect antidote! Thanks oh wise Goddess, have a great weekend yourself :) xx

Amy Gonzalez said...

Hi lilidonna!

So I completely agree with you on this subject. Sooo easy to compare ourselves and our lives with others. When in reality they might just have more issues than us and therefore need to document their happy moments.
I find myself constantly watching other beauty YouTubers and wondering if I'll ever reach the number of subbies as them, or if I really will make it far enough to quit my day job and have YT as my "job". Sounds pathetic, I know, but truth is truth. And you stated it quite well...
It's not the Matchbox Twenty songs. ;D