Thursday, 22 March 2012

TAG: 19 Random Questions

Doing a Youtube tag on a blog even though no one actually tagged me. 'Cause I'm gangs like that. 

1. Where were you born?
Samoa. In the hospital to be exact. You know which one, there ain't a lot of them back home.

2. Were you named after anyone?
According to the stories, I was named after Ritchie Valens' love interest, Donna Ludwig, in the film La Bamba (and I suppose real life girlfriend). Yup, the one he wrote the song for. Apparently my Ma (maternal grandmother) thought she was a sweet girl. My first name Lili was after my paternal grandmother. So yes, my entire name is completely grandma-ed out. Oh and yes, I am known by my middle name. Not sure why. Just one of those things... 

3. When was the last time you cried?
Just today when I was watching the Dr Phil show. Shut up. But honestly I cry all the time. At the very least, daily. 

4. Do you have any children?
Well of course you all know my 2 year-old daughter, Tesia, better known as Nutty :D Would also love to have more in the future. Way in the future. Like, way way in the future. You catch my drift. 

5. If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself?
I'm thinking maybe not... Not so much because there's anything particularly unfriendly about me (or so I like to think) but on the most part, I'm very slow to make friends and tend to stick with the small group of friends that I've had for years. But I'd like to believe yes still... I'm not at all a bad friend to have you know :)

6. Do you own any pets?
Nope. Tend to be very sensitive to flea bites and animal fur so probably not the best move for me. I do like the idea of a pet though... I've always been more a dog person than a cat one though...

7. Do you use sarcasm?
Why never!

8. Would you bungee jump?
Heck yeah! Just so bleeding expensive is all. Once I find myself with the extra cash and a willing friend, I'd love to take the plunge. (Oh snap!) 

9. What's your favorite cereal?
Not really that keen on cereal in general but if I had to choose, I'd probably go for the sugary ones. Fruit Loops, Nutrigrain etc. I don't have them very often though so don't worry. They're way too pricey so Nutty and I generally eat whichever Hubbards muesli's on sale. Not sure if it counts but I loooove porridge. So yeah, I dream of sugary goodness but generally eat boring old muesli.

10. What's your eye colour? 
The standard Samoan dark, dark brown.

11. Scary movies or happy endings?
Don't know that these things are mutually exclusive but I'd probably go the happy endings way over the scary way. Just because I have a shockingly low scare threshold. However this doesn't mean that I'm a strictly happy endings girl... I just a love an all round good, thought provoking film. 

12. Do you have siblings?
Yes. Five sisters (cue gasp) and one brother. We're all extremely different while also being quite similar in some ways like siblings tend to be. Oh and of the seven, I'm smack bam in the middle, so three up, three down. Explains a lot don't it? ;)

13. Computer or TV?
Computer of course! TV is on the computer now so it really wasn't a fair question, was it?

14. What's the first thing you notice about a person?
Pre-talking to them: how they hold themselves i.e - their posture and demeanor and how they seem to be relating to their surroundings... that seem like an unrealistic number of things to notice all at once? Though I really do. Normally, in the first few seconds I tend to class people into either an "at ease" category or "self conscious" category. Not claiming they're always accurate readings, it's just what I do. 'Cause I'm judgey like that.
Post-talking to them: their type of humour. A person's humour always fascinates me initially.

15. What is your favourite smell?
The back of Nutty's neck. Easy.

16. Where is the furthest you've been from home?
I grew up in Samoa and now live in NZ. But I dream of globetrotting. Yes, with my baby :)

17. Do you have any special talents?
None at all. Honestly. But if I could choose one from a kind talent-bestowing genie, I would choose dancing. Any type of dancing. I'd love to able to use my body to express myself in such a physical way. Dancers are AMAZEBALLS!

18. Do you have any hobbies?
Hmmm... Hobbies are still a bit of a foreign concept to me, not having grown up with any notion of it in Samoa... I suppose most girly activities. Sad but true. Shopping, primping, squealing. I love it all!

[With Q.19, I'm meant to make up my own question so here goes...]

19. If you could live in any era and place, what and where would that be?
I'm gonna go for London in the swinging sixties. I basically want to live in the film The Boat That Rocked. PVC coats, rock 'n' roll and Twiggy... does it get any better???

Alrighty so those are all the questions. I urge anyone who finds themselves awake still at one in the morning because they had a moment of complete idiocy and drank coffee in the evening just before bed, to do it! It's actually great fun and I'd love to read you amazing people's answers! xx

Some Youtubers whose videos on this tag I really enjoyed:


Reenie said...

what's a Youtube tag? lol wow I feel old having to ask that. But hey this does seem interesting. I might do it. I love #5. Made me think for a minute.

lilidonna said...

Hi Reenie, tags are just questionnaire-like videos which you're "tagged" to do and then "tag" others whose answers you'd wish to hear. Really interesting, some of my favourite Youtube vids. You should do it, I'd love to read your answers! :) xx

Amy Gonzalez said...

Hey lilidonna!
So I'd like to think that I somewhat "tagged" you. At the end of my 19 Random questions Tag video, I tagged everyone who could do one and a blog is an AWESOME way to do it! I never thought of promoting a tag that way.
I have to say, totally loved reading this. The more I read your posts the more I'm laughing. You are too funny! My kind of person.
Blog on, my friend!

lilidonna said...

Hey Amy! So you've found my little blog have you? :) It's probably for the best that I did this tag in written form instead of video cos I have a tendency to blab on and on lol Thanks for taking the time to hang out in my neck of the woods and comment! xx