Thursday, 26 April 2012

It's Funny How

... drafts of blogs I'd written and never finished almost never get posted... It's like I get bored/over what I'd written not that long ago really quickly. If you feel this way about my writing, I can understand. Heck I can relate.

... quickly one can contradict oneself.
Me a few months ago: jeez people on Twitter are better off getting lives rather than tweeting about a "supposed" one.
Me now: oh if only I had something relevant to say... I'm dying to tweet!

... uplifting something as shallow and materialistic as receiving lipsticks ordered online can lift ones mood and brighen one's entire day. No lie.

... easily us girls can fall in love. John Green will you marry me? Oh you're already married? ... Hank? Thanks for the recommendation Laws. You're the vlogging encyclopedia, you are.

... much joy a mum can get from the little milestones. Today Nutty used her first question tag. I almost exploded from pride.
"It's pretty dress, doesn't it?" 
Completely incorrect but worthy of the title, milestone, nonetheless :)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

What's Been On My Mind Lately

- of oneself as well as others.

- an enormous fault of mine.
- largely due to fear

- mine have astounded me of late by how brilliant, caring and beautiful they are.

- and where I stand with him

The Refresh Button
- a place from which I may start again

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


... are fleeting. Which is just plain annoying. And especially annoying when you don't own a camera. Today I glanced at Nutty and I was flabbergasted by how quickly she's growing up. Completely cliche thing for a mother to say but neverendingly true...

And in these moments I feel

- panicked
- amazed
- grateful...

Flip I need a camera.

My Nutty. Singing the "butterfly song". 

Ultimately it's up to me to capture these memories in my mind's camcord though right? I'll try. I'm gonna need these mental images when she's 16 and yanking my chains lol

Happy hump day bloggies! 

Donna xx