Thursday, 26 April 2012

It's Funny How

... drafts of blogs I'd written and never finished almost never get posted... It's like I get bored/over what I'd written not that long ago really quickly. If you feel this way about my writing, I can understand. Heck I can relate.

... quickly one can contradict oneself.
Me a few months ago: jeez people on Twitter are better off getting lives rather than tweeting about a "supposed" one.
Me now: oh if only I had something relevant to say... I'm dying to tweet!

... uplifting something as shallow and materialistic as receiving lipsticks ordered online can lift ones mood and brighen one's entire day. No lie.

... easily us girls can fall in love. John Green will you marry me? Oh you're already married? ... Hank? Thanks for the recommendation Laws. You're the vlogging encyclopedia, you are.

... much joy a mum can get from the little milestones. Today Nutty used her first question tag. I almost exploded from pride.
"It's pretty dress, doesn't it?" 
Completely incorrect but worthy of the title, milestone, nonetheless :)


Bina said...

LOL!!!! @ Nuddy. She's the original freshie, she has. Too cute for Bina.

Laura said...

Unfortunately Hank is married also.... otherwise I would've snapped him up! And no it's not creepy because he's not a condescending overprotective stalker 90+ year old Edward.

@ i T @ h said...

LOL @ twitter. I know what you mean!

Yes.. us girls can fall in love...
One of my girlfriends calls me a pedophile because I think Daniel in Lani's book is delish. LOL. Too bad he's not a vampire. LOL Your Baby is toooo cute! That's how my nieces sound after staying home with Grandma for too long. LOL


Weird about those lipsticks, no? It works in my case too, always browsing for new exciting colors.

lilidonna said...

@Bina: She's got a fresh repertoire of Samoan songs and rhymes from Aoga Amata for you to enjoy next time you're up lol

@Laura: I've moved on to Ze... anyone know what his marital status is...? lol

@aitah: lol @ your nieces! My baby's fresh all on her own... :S lol

@THE DIVINITUS: me too! My sister and I are obsessed... I love how instantly glam lippies make you feel... Those '40s ladies were onto something... :)