Wednesday, 4 April 2012


... are fleeting. Which is just plain annoying. And especially annoying when you don't own a camera. Today I glanced at Nutty and I was flabbergasted by how quickly she's growing up. Completely cliche thing for a mother to say but neverendingly true...

And in these moments I feel

- panicked
- amazed
- grateful...

Flip I need a camera.

My Nutty. Singing the "butterfly song". 

Ultimately it's up to me to capture these memories in my mind's camcord though right? I'll try. I'm gonna need these mental images when she's 16 and yanking my chains lol

Happy hump day bloggies! 

Donna xx


ulalei said...

Too cute! Actually, I think you captured a great moment - look at her beautiful eyes all happy to sing about butterflies!!!! Love it :)

lilidonna said...

:) might have to change my caption then! Thanks ulalei xx

Amy said...

Flip! Shes getting so big ♥ Don't grow up too fast little girl. and YES you need a camera!

JudiePudie82 said...

Your bubba is so Gawjuss ! Must be from the mumma's side right ;D i can't wait to be a mother and just care for my babies like there's no tomorrow and watch them grow up (:

Oh the joys of Motherhood xx

lilidonna said...

@Amy Yes. She is indeed so big now. Scares the living lights outta me sometimes lol

@Judie haha I wish! She's actually the spitting image of her dad lol Aww you'd be such an AMAZE mum! Your daughters would have a lot to learn off their mum on everything beauty and fashion :D