Friday, 25 May 2012

Gingers = AMAZE

Oh Lordy. How slack I have been... There are no words. Just an apology (sorry) and a promise never to never do it again (I promise I'll never to do it again).

Will you ever forgive? ... What? You didn't even notice me missing? Oh jeez, if you don't love me, lie to me!... For the sake of all that is holy, lie to me.

OK dramatics aside... Today is a most joyous occasion. A golden star upon our calenders. Its Hug-A-Ginga Day! Oh praise be! Now it's no secret that my sister and I have always been a fan of people blessed enough to have been born with beautiful, bright and brilliant orange hair. How we've envied and worshipped them. And our favourite variety? Glorious Ginga Musos. In a league of their own, they are. *Insert looks of absolute adoration here*

So to commemorate such a heart wrenching, marvellous day, here is a few favourite tracks from a few favourite gingas. Each a beautiful, beacon of orangey, golden light in their own right!

Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine (all hail Queen Florence!)

Ed Sheeran (my goodness isn't he a beaut?!)

Max Collins of Eve 6 (yet another fine specimen)

... and of course everyone's fave... the undisputed champion of everything ginger (cos that's a thing)... it's none other than...

Axl Rose of Gun N' Rose

Happy Friday darlings and don't forget to get your ginger heart on today ;)

Donna xx


jo_an said...

:) interesting post lilidonna!. got to say i do envy a few red-headed beauties as well.

Bina said...

Me heart em gingas!! (I know, you've already mentioned it...hehe). When I was preggers with Lali, I always wondered if Pati and I by some miracle had some super super recessive genes that could result in us having a ginga. What? I'm not obssessed...

lilidonna said...

@jo_an Glad to know that we're not the only ones obsessed... lol ps. Hello! It's been a while! :)

@Bina LOL! There could still be hope yet... If ANYONE deserves a ginga baby, it's you two :D

@ i T @ h said...

I love the last Ginga!! "And the crowd goes wild chanting..Axl! Axl! Axl!" LOL.

I confess to be a Ginga lover too! *hehe*

lilidonna said...

Seems we're all slaves to the carrot topped Gods. lol

kirstyb said...

love ed sheeran