Sunday, 1 July 2012


The other morning, in typical disorganised and frantic Donna style, I was making a mad dash to the supermarket on a nappies (for Peanut... not me... just fyi....) and other boring essentials run. Needless to say, I looked a mess. Trackies, dishevelled hair, sleepy eyes, jandals in freezy weather... the works. I was the epitome of class, no less. [And when I say class, I mean economy. That's coach if you're American.]

On my way in, I catch a glimpse of an older lady exiting the supermarket. And what a sight to behold, she was. Pressed trousers, chic cardigan and a slick of pink lipstick to top it all off.

I was ashamed.

Now I'm not saying that we girls/women/ladies [circle your perferred choice] aren't good for anything but looking good... But I do believe in glamour. I believe in lipstick. I believe in taking pride in one's appearance and the importance of the way we present ourselves to the world. I believe that one's outward appearance is a reflection of their inner selves, whether intentional or not. I believe in femininity and pretty things and the simple pleasure they can bring to a complicated life. I believe that when I'm saying this, I'm not only being shallow.

And on that day, I wasn't ashamed of my naked face or the natural kink in my hair... I was ashamed of the fact I was neglecting something I believed in. And that was an appreciation of beauty and the need to create it. The confidence I derive from being satisfied in the way I am put together that day.

But enough of my drivel, here is a video and an article that I thoroughly loved and enjoyed that may or may not help illustrate my point...

From a favourite Youtuber:

From a favourite beauty blogger: an article by the stunning Zoe Foster

I'm interested in what you guys think however... do you agree or am I just being shallow? [You're allowed to say so! lol]

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."


Donna xx


Laura said...

love it
I watched that video and omg I really like this chick. I watched the whole 14mins and 25secs. lol

lilidonna said...

I thought you'd like her! She's part of a collab channel too, they're called Lipstick Philosophers. Just FYI. :)

jo_an said...

No your not shallow lilidonna :) we all should take a little bit of time out of our day to make ourselves look and feel better and if makeup does it for you than i say 'why not?!'.

kuaback said...

OMG..I'm reading this an realised, gosh, that's totally me on the everyday basis. Neglect is a bitch that's become part of my everyday routine. shat..thanks for the reminder girl

Bina said...

Um, kuaback, you lie! Because only 2 days ago I was looking through your FB photos and marvelling at how put-together you always look. Flawless face, your hair "did", pop of lip colour, and 2 distinct eyebrows. Lol.

Hey Gogs, stop being shallow. Jokes! Perhaps one's appearance is a reflection of the inner self, but my concern is when the maintenance of this "reflection" becomes the primary focus and not the inner being. I believe we are a spirit, with a soul, in a body. In order of importance.

Righteyo, I'm off to re-introduce the divide to my monobrow :D

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I believe that just because a girl puts on a makeup and likes pretty girl, she's dumb or shallow. A girl can also not wear any makeup and that's totally fine too. I don't wear any makeup until college and now, I love experimenting with all kinds of stuff! It's fun! But I don't feel ugly when I don't have any makeup on. I like looking at girls who are great at putting makeup on and I only wish I'm skillful as them! xoxoxoo

kuaback said...

lol @ Bina...Put together??? maybe 2/10 of the time. and of course those are the photos you see on

Tim Baice said...

love it sogggy xx