Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Dharma & Greg Moment

Has anyone ever caught your eye while you were out and about in public? Like... really caught your eye? Like you-had-to-stop-yourself-from-rubbernecking caught your eye?

And thanks to some unidentified part of you, whether biological (pheromones) or psychological (innate human need to compensate for/suppress the gnawing loneliness many of us live with on an daily basis), you were just so attracted to them?  And in more than a 'oh-well-isn't-he-a-dish' way? 

And for that brief interval when you were in the general vicinity, you were all shy, Princess Di-esque glances and bashful smiles?  

And at the end of that five/ten/thirty minutes you part ways. With neither one of you having the balls to put yourself out there and approach the other, fated to never see each other ever again. 

Because all the while that ever-present, self-deprecating voice in your head was chiding you, "Dude, this is all in your head and totally one-sided. Calm the frick down and stop scaring the guy with your lascivious glares". :(

... But it doesn't matter. Because for that too-short moment... it's like you were Dharma... and he Greg :)  

ps. Minus the shotgun wedding and hilarious families of course. 


The most hilarious happened. Despite not having posted a blog in aaages, a couple of weeks ago I started entertaining the most self conscious thoughts concerning my blogs and who may or may not be reading and how I may be coming off and if I were making a fool of myself etc etc.

This is completely hilarious because let's face... this isn't the world's most popular/frequently viewed blog on the internet. FAR. FROM. IT.

Also... who cares??? I know that I enjoy this... I enjoy sharing tidbits about my life, my thoughts, my inner workings and I like to think that a lot of you do the same in return... or just for yourselves also :)

So why should it matter what a ridiculously minuscule minority might think right??? Oh silly, preposterous thoughts -- away with you!

Bitches be bloggin'.