Wednesday, 22 August 2012


The most hilarious happened. Despite not having posted a blog in aaages, a couple of weeks ago I started entertaining the most self conscious thoughts concerning my blogs and who may or may not be reading and how I may be coming off and if I were making a fool of myself etc etc.

This is completely hilarious because let's face... this isn't the world's most popular/frequently viewed blog on the internet. FAR. FROM. IT.

Also... who cares??? I know that I enjoy this... I enjoy sharing tidbits about my life, my thoughts, my inner workings and I like to think that a lot of you do the same in return... or just for yourselves also :)

So why should it matter what a ridiculously minuscule minority might think right??? Oh silly, preposterous thoughts -- away with you!

Bitches be bloggin'.

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