Saturday, 1 December 2012

I am a Bond girl


I wish.

Well... not the sleeping-with-Bond-and-just-being-another-one-of-the-108337483-women part but the I'm-so-smoking-hawt-that-it-almost-hurts-to-look-at-me-part...

Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah... so tonight was date night and the only half decent thing to see was Skyfall, the 23rd installment of the Bond series. Now normally I'm not too keen on movies which tend to fall in the more action-y (that's a word right???) side of proceedings but since the boy was keen so I thought, meh... why not?

But holy cow was I in for a surprise! I bloody well went and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

This is an extraordinary phenomenon and I feel that I need to explain why. I'm a romcom girl through and through. However, less of the noughties Reese and Jen Aniston style of romcom and more of the nineties Meg Ryan classics. I'll put it this way: I've seen Sleepless in Seattle waaay more than is recommended.

So when I found myself not zoning off and start texting during the action sequences and actually getting emotionally invested in Bond and M and all the other adorable little agents (pardon me, but I'm not actually trying to be patronising. They happen to be agents. I happen to think that they look adorable saving the world... or the British "Empire" at least...)! Fancy that!
I was also impressed by was how much thinking I found myself doing... Not something I'm used to doing whilst watching action films, having grown up with the likes of "Ano" and "Rambo" playing and replaying on our ancient VCR. I found myself mulling over interesting themes and motifs driven home by a steller cast.
Overall, good job Sam Mendes! Great job.

Totes excited to see Daniel Craig's first two Bond movies.

Look at me! I'm a regular down-with-the-guys, car chase and fight sequence loving action buff!

.. or maybe not...

... Bridget Jones' Diary anyone?

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