Thursday, 3 January 2013

Resolutions, Resolutions

Question: Have you ever made a New Years Resolution and... wait for it... stuck to it? For more than a month? Hell, for even the entire year?

I'd be more than interested to know.

Reason being, I've always made resolutions. Religiously. And of course, abandoned them by Febuary. Or before. Religiously.
And the reason I ask is if any one of you have actually stuck to one, I'd like to know... How does one actually do that? 

I probably sound like quite the unfortunate, unresolved human so I'll stop now.

I think I just feel a bit listless today.

I think I don't like gray, overcast days.

I think eating overly processed, fatty food for days on end can and will catch up to you.

I think I need to be stereotypical and contemplate a new years detox.

I think my next blog post should be a more optimistic one.

I think you all are pretty darned cool sticking with me, considering the shockingly inconsistent posts last year.

Happy New Year my lovelies, may this arbitrary thing we call a new year be more awesome than the last. :)

Love Donna xx

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