Monday, 25 February 2013

Oh look! She has another blog!

Sooooo remember how I'm a beauty lover/addict/insane person that owns too much nail polish?

Well I finally have an outlet for these worrying but fortunately common (well, in the fairer sex anyway) obsessions. In other words, I have a new beauty blog!

Here it is linked: The Beauty Isle

Do join me on a journey of beauty discoveries, product reviews, hauls (well... maybe don't expect too many of these...), skincare, makeup (golly possibly even haircare if we all put our heads together and work out what to truly do about this cray cray Islander hair) and other adventures that we are yet to imagine at this time. Cos ya know, when dealing with a lick of lipstick and a sprinkling of blush... ya never know what's gonna happen!


I'll still be blogging here on all things "non-beauty" and "more-lifey" but I just wanted to create a space purely for the face gunk talk.


Donna xx

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