Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Only Constant

I turn 25 this year.

And that semi freaks me out.

Not because I think I'm already too old (I'm only just getting started!) or because I feel like I haven't achieved what I thought I would by 25.

Ok... Maybe there is a little of that too.

But mostly...

But mostly because I've only come to realise that the only thing constant in life, the only you can really count on from the world... is that time will always move on.
As a kid and young adult, I've always kinda seen each day as individual units, with their own self contained victories and failures.
I'm only starting to appreciate how every day, thing and person is just part of a fabric... a tapestry of life.

This means that every day will have a massive affect on what the next day will be like, but at the same time bring comfort for the things not done because, well, it's all part of a long journey anyway. We'll get to it eventually..

And yes, I've only just realised this. Next week, how to use that television device thing that sits in the living room. #SoCuttingEdge


Laura Toailoa said...

I've read somewhere (probably pinterest) - "time you enjoyed wasting was time not wasted"


lilidonna said...

lol! Totally a "to an extent" point though right? lol