Sunday, 24 February 2013

Things that movies take for granted

1. Complexion.
Everyone just gets good skin. By default.

2. Normal bodily functions... what normal bodily functions?
"Romantic" scenes that follow day long montages of sweat-inducing activities always irks me. And no one ever has the misfortune of having their "time of the month" at inconvenient moments (I'm looking at you spontaneous-skinny-dipping scene).

3. Natural conversation.
Unless  you're watching one of Apatow's offerings, chances are the conversation will flow effortlessly, especially in a meet cute. Or at least be the cute brand of awkward. You know, when the guy's jokes are charmingly inappropriate and the girl's laugh a tinkling aural delight. In my personal experience, I tend to be at my worst when I fancy someone. An adorable little romcom heroine, I am not.

Characters so cute that I had to write this post to explain to my jealous self how my life isn't a movie

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