Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Internal dialogue

Yesterday at lunch, I found myself in a familiar position at the bakery choosing what to have. My usual was a roast beef roll but this day I was distracted by a fish roll thing-y which was pretty much a piece of deep fried fish in a white bun with a generous dollop of tartare sauce heaped onto it.

I was tempted. 

I resisted. Well, attempted to. I told my myself: "You really ought not to". 

I bought it eventually. And felt sick afterwards. 

I realise now, I should've told myself: "You don't want to". 

I never listen to myself when referring to the theoretical. 


Laura Toailoa said...

"You don't want to" is an excellent and more effective substitute!

Goddess said...

hahaha - that's okay.,...start tomorrow, ...the future will always be brighter tomorrow (: