Thursday, 31 October 2013

More Than Words

Words, English words are full of echoes, of memories, of associations - naturally. They have been out an about, on people's lips, in their houses, in the streets, in the fields, for so many centuries. And that is one of the chief difficulties in writing them today - that they are so stored with meanings, with memories, that they have contracted so many famous marriages... Our business is to see what we can do with the English language as it is. How can we combine the old words in new orders so that they survive, so that they create beauty, so that they tell the truth? That is the question.

- Virginia Woolf

Thank you Virginia.

I'm not gonna lie and claim that my tendency to post very infrequently is all down to the insane pressure that I put on myself every time I sit down to write... There's a fair bit of lazy that goes into that also.

But the point is: I probably (definitely) take myself waaay to seriously, and for every blogpost that publish, there are at least 3 that I discarded for being what I deemed too cheesy, irrelevant... unoriginal. Which takes me to the above quote... And jeez what a quote.

Words, most words have been used and reused a million times over. They're drenched in connotation, meaning, nuance. And after having watched a talk Tavi Gevinson gave at the Melbourne Writers Festival, I started thinking of how with misplaced piety, I have come to loathe how unoriginal my peers seemed to me... with their Facebook statuses (stati?), tweets, blogs and vlogs. And simultaneously, how self conscious I have become about my own unoriginality [yup, you're right, that probably wasn't a word].

Because is a struggle to achieve what Virginia's described... combining old words in a new order to create beauty and tell the truth.

So my point is that perhaps we should throw it out there anyway... Most of the time we'll probably just be churning out the same old stuff... But how will we ever find those magical new ways of ordering words if we don't just talk or discuss or post about the things we genuinely love.

I think it's through that sincere love for what we discuss that the new and magical ways of ordering words come.

(And now to quash that mandatory post-publishing feeling that it all could've been a lot more eloquent).

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Laura Writes said...

Statuses or stati? Those are the real questions in life.

And yeah, I totes feel you on that taking myself. Just need to live a little.