Monday, 21 October 2013

On validation

If Facebook/Tweets/Instagram posts are our highlight reels...  are likes/comments/retweets ticks of approval? And is it ok to feel and enjoy that validation? And are our lives more full or deprived because of this?



Laura Writes said...


And yay less is more!

And they're not always highlight reels but merely passing moments.

Some of our highlights are shared between two people - away from prying cyber eyes. Or in a family home not everyone gets to see.

And we're allowed to indulge in those ticks of approval sometimes - everything in moderation right? #boringpredictableanswer

lilidonna said...

Nay! Neither boring nor predictable! ... I do like to think of them as more passing moments too... it's just that some times we like to dress these moments up a bit more. Like pre-emptive nostalgia.