Wednesday, 8 October 2014

She Moves In Her Own Way

So my Ticketmaster subscription emaily thingiemajig notified me that The Kooks are coming to NZ -- The Kooks! Fancy that! 

Now were this 6 years ago I would've been ALL OVER IT. 

But alas.

A faithful keepin-up Kooks fan I have not remained.

But by gosh does this song still make wanna dance.

(That accent though right?!?!)

(Jesse if you read this, I may be keen if you wish to chaperone a poor girl... We can do the thing where I go to grab us drinks - you a water, me 3 beers - and I reappear magically wearing gig merch and beaming proudly like I'd just done the world's bestest trick)

1 comment:

Bina said...

And as you're trying to weave your way through the crowd holding your many beers, you call out, "Don't worry Jesse, you hold the water and I'll hold OUR beers" so that people don't think you're an alkie, but in doing so you just draw attention to yourself and how you're an alkie ? LOL